Nintendo Switch Going Into Bag

The Nintendo Switch Version 12.0.0 Firmware Update

Thank you, Nintendo! The Nintendo Switch has been running slow with the old firmware for a few weeks now, and users have been feeling the frustration. No Switch firmware update has been released since December 2020, which was itself only a small bug fix. The wait has ended as Nintendo has released version 12.0.0, bringing a firmware update to all Nintendo Switches.

Users might be disappointed to discover that this release is smaller than the December update, though. The version number may have jumped up from 11.0.1, perhaps falsely indicating a big change, but Nintendo doesn’t have much to say about the update either.

In the official patch notes, Nintendo describes that they have “fixed the issue with the save data backup feature, where in rare cases, the automatic backup of save data is interrupted if a communication error occurs during completion of the save data backup process”.

This statement feels a little deaf amid disgruntled users’ complaints about the need for more stability, faster processing, and local saves and folders.

Nonetheless, this version update should fix any issues you might have been having with save data and the data backup process. Normally, the firmware updates should occur automatically on powerup while connected to the internet. If your Nintendo Switch hasn’t automatically updated to the 12.0.0 version, then you can follow the below steps to download the newest updates.

  • From your Nintendo Switch Home screen, go to System Settings
  • Head to the System tab at the bottom of the side panel menu
  • Select System Update to check the current version or download the latest update