Support is still going strong

Good news Halo fans! Bungie announced on Wednesday that the Master Chief Collection will be receiving a large technical update.

In the post, community manager ske7ch, announced that moving forward they would be “cracking open MCC to perform some critical updates and fixes to improve the experience for everyone, as well as enhance the title for Xbox One X.”

The Master Chief Collection was originally released in November 2014, giving fans the opportunity to play remastered editions of the first three halo titles. The Master Chief Collection was highly anticipated but on release, severe matchmaking issues forced Bonnie Ross, head of 343 industries to issue a public apology.

The post repeatedly mentions closer ties with the community “With this project in particular we are excited to foster a new relationship with our fans”, ske7ch says. And asks that players ” come with a positive mindset and assume positive intent.”

Halo Master Chief on Space BackdropThe Master Chief Collection is being worked on by a smaller team which is “completely separate from the broader 343 team working on the next Halo FPS title.” Expect the road to fixing the Master Chief Collection to be a long one but players can get involved with testing.

Bungie’s plan of attack is a division of testing, with mention of an external partner to help with the internal development. The community will be able to participate in the ongoing development as part of the Xbox Insider program. For now however, this will remain an internal process.

Foundations are a priority for the updates to take place. Ske7ch mentions several important features including matchmaking API’s, platform XDKS (increasing visual enhancements) and Peer Connections.


Overall, the Master Chief Collection is due for some much needed attention to the internal workings. The post is careful not to give a timescale but with such a mammoth task ahead who can blame them?


You can read the full update yourself over at Halo Waypoint.