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Port Royale 4 gets biggest ever update

Publisher Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios today shared that seafaring trade simulator Port Royale 4 has just received its largest update yet. Available now to all Windows PC players (with the console update coming soon) the free update weighs in at just under 500 MB. The update adds a staggering number of improvements, fixes and new features – such as player-created nations, deadlier and more intense naval combat and a variety of game-altering events like prohibition and plagues of locusts. The changes dramatically improve the game and deepen the player’s quest for booty and trade supremacy in the Caribbean. Those looking to check out Port Royale 4’s enormous array of new features can pick up the game now at a rip-roaring 20% off as part of the Steam Autumn Sale.

A video has been produced which comprehensively details the new update and the changes coming to Port Royale 4. If you’re a fan of pouring over changelogs, you can check it out here. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the video.

With the new update, independence makes its debut in Port Royale 4. Upon achieving certain conditions, you can now split from their parent nation (France, Spain, England or the Netherlands) and go it alone. Once independence has been declared, you can opt for a new name for their sovereignty, update your flag to something more to your liking, and even take part in a heated war with your former ruler.
The update also introduces ‘economic shocks’ – optional in-game events which can have positive or negative outcomes and significantly impact on your trade empire. These can range from a plague of locusts, reducing the production of grain and corn, to a sudden spike in alcohol demand due to a church’s desire for a dry county.
You’re going to have to take extra care when engaging foes on the open seas with changes to the combat system. Furthermore, it’s now necessary to navigate deadly new hazards such as cliffs, sandbanks, carpets of algae and whirlpools – all of which can severely impact trade journeys and worse still, send you and all your hard-earned booty, straight to Davy Jones’ locker.