Football Manager 2021 launches

Football Manager is the most realistic, deep and immersive football management simulation to date.

Sports Interactive  and  SEGA® Europe  come out of the locker room with their torso bulging, galvanized by the clamour of the virtual crowd, who have come in droves to attend the release of Football Manager 2021 on the Epic  Games Store and Steam . 

The solo progress made during this Beta may be kept in the final version. Early Access Beta players simply need to relaunch the Epic Games Launcher or Steam for the game to automatically update.

This final version of FM21 benefits from many improvements since Beta. In addition to full access to Steam Workshop and to the match and pre-match editors.

Managers now enjoy full control of their team, on and off the pitch, thanks to new game systems as well as ever more in-depth analysis and information made available.

Interactions with players and media have been redesigned to provide a more realistic experience. Match days benefit from a better overall presentation and numerous graphical improvements, in addition to all-new pre and post-match events. Managers now have more bargaining power in recruiting players, as well as new ways to celebrate late-season wins.

Feedback on FM21’s Early Access has been the best received by the series to date: the 1300+ reviews posted by Steam users with 92% being rated “Very Positive”. The FM community seems to have particularly appreciated the improvements made to interactions and the rendering of matches in Football Manager 2021 over previous iterations.