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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Wallpaper

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Remastered Beautifully

There are often questions regarding just how much a remastered version of an old beloved title has improved with a new-generation release, and sometimes it is hard to tell—it can be something you feel, rather than something you directly understand.

BioWare, makers of Mass Effect, have released a new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which really shows the difference. With improved lighting, brand new textures and a host of environmental effects, the new remaster looks completely stunning. There are skin textures that really define the alien characters, lighting that takes much of the dark hollowness away and replaces it with a bright, engaging environment, and updates to the worlds that bring depth and clarity.

All in all, it looks fantastic.

The remastered Mass Effect Legendary Edition is only a month away. It contains all three Mass Effect games plus every available byte of DLC, right down to the limited-edition promotional gear.

It comes out on the 14th of May for PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X and Windows platforms.