Rogue Lords – New Trailer Shows The Disciples

We brought you some news regarding Rogue Lords, an innovative combat-strategy game coming soon on all major platforms. Now, with a new trailer, publishers Nacon have provided an insight into the nine disciples that you can unlock and control in the game.

With a selection of classic horror characters under the watchful eye of the Devil himself, the range of options available looks considerable. We can even forgive the narrator for his awful pronunciation of ‘Hecate’, given how good she looks to use.

Whether you want to play the game with a strong offensive strategy or hold back with support characters and a main aggressor—the options are there for you to customise your team any way you like.

Rogue Lords looks to be one of the more interesting and unusual titles this year, with humorous cartoon-like graphics inspired by Tim Burton’s film Sleepy Hollow and new twists on combat mechanics. It’s one we’re looking forward to.