Rogue Lords – Roguelike with a Quirky New Mechanic Coming Soon

Coming out soon for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, Rogue Lords is a rogue-like strategy game with an innovative mechanic that looks to be a lot of fun.

In Rogue Lords, you play the devil, ploughing through procedurally-generated levels as you increase in power and collect artefacts. So far, RPG-standard. The twist comes in your ability to break the fourth wall, stretch outside the standard game mechanics, and ‘cheat’.

Enter ‘Devil Mode’, and you get to mess with various statistics that are more typically contained behind the scenes. Want to improve a companion’s health situation or adjust the chance of an action’s success? Click the ‘Devil Mode’ button and mess with the variables while the game pauses.

Rogue Lords Scene

It’s definitely an interesting addition to the standard turn-based strategy combat sequences and looks enough to push Rogue Lords to the top of the pile.

Clean cartoony graphics and some fun-looking characters all add as well, making a complete package worthy of attention.

Watch the trailer below: