Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance Poster 9015

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance – Amusing New Gameplay Trailer

There are two things that the upcoming action RPG Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has that puts its head and shoulders above the competition: provenance and humour.

On the first, what can be said about the depth and history of Dungeons and Dragons that hasn’t already been said better elsewhere? It’s a game with fifty years of mechanics polishing, world-building and love. There simply is no other role-playing franchise with more respect.

For the second, we have Jemaine Clement narrating the trailer in inimitable style, excitedly enthusing over the various parts of the game.

Let’s face it, from the gameplay shown, there’s not too much here that seems groundbreaking; it’s got a lot of things we are used to. But what it is doing is offering all those aspects bundled together in a really polished package, and the trailer will make you laugh. We can only hope that the genuinely funny attitude from the narration carries over into the game proper.

Dark Alliance looks like a lot of fun. A whole heap of smashing, grabbing, boss-crunching, magic-wielding, fun.

Why not watch for yourself?

Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance releases for PS4/PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC on June 22nd—that’s less than two weeks away! We can’t wait!