Age of Empire IV Castle Gameplay Screenshot

Age of Empires IV – Gameplay Trailer Released

The fourth iteration of the amazing Age of Empires series has long been on the cards, but though it was originally announced years ago, we’ve heard very little since.

That was, until now, with a new trailer dropping over the weekend.

And it looks fantastic! There’s enough in the trailer to let you see that the game works as it always has, with your villagers toiling through the day to build your first towns and develop your civilisation, but there’s plenty of new stuff too.

Bringing the game into 2021 means things like movable towns representing the nomad lifestyle of the Mongols and impressive 4K resolution providing details in exciting ways—the fog of war has never looked quite so foggy, and the combat looks really impressive!

Age of Empires IV comes out for Windows and Xbox systems late this year.