Hot Wheels Unleashed Announcement Art

Hot Wheels is being Unleashed!

Details regarding the upcoming Hot Wheels Unleashed game have been announced thanks to a gameplay reveal stream from the developers at Milestone – and it’s looking great!

The Hot Wheels franchise is a beloved thing, with many children collecting up the small metal cars, begging parents in supermarkets and offering promises of being good when they get home. The bendy orange plastic tracks have stretched across bedrooms and out into hallways for decades, some even managing to make their way over cabinets and under tables as more and more exciting routes were devised. So, when bringing the name to a high-speed arcade racing game, the potential is there for either a great hit or hugely disappointing miss.

Looking at the footage so far, it’s looking like a hit. Milestone has treated the IP with a suitable amount of reverence, developing the game with both miles of orange track, and that collect-em-all feel for the cars—over 60 will be available.

They also took inspiration from the diminutive size of the vehicles, and the settings are all on that scale, so maybe you will be able to drive around the bathtub! It’s a technique that’s been used before (Micro Machines comes to mind) and works well in games of this nature.

Hot Wheels Unleashed comes out on all the usual platforms on 30th September.