Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Promo Poster

Apex Legends is Coming to Nintendo Switch

A blog post from Apex Legends’ creators, the popular battle royale shooter, confirms will be available on the Nintendo Switch from March 9th 2021.

If you follow Respawn Entertainment or EA, this news will be a surprise, as the creators announced a Switch port of the game would be developed in 2020. However, this was pushed back repeatedly and appeared to have lost some traction. Respawn Entertainment and EA worked creatively alongside fellow developers, Panic Button, to bring this concrete release date into certainty. In a recent post from Respawn Entertainment, Panic Button was mentioned as a key contributor to bringing the Switch port to fruition. Respawn said that the port “couldn’t have been done without Panic Button”.

Season 8 started only three weeks ago for Apex Legend players, and with that comes another exciting announcement for future Switch players. Along with your season 8 Battlepass, Switch users will gain 30 free levels to play on. Additionally, for the first two weeks following the Apex Legends on Switch release, playing on a Switch console will earn you double XP points.

Apex Legends game director announced that it will indeed have full cross-platform functionality for those who might be concerned about a possible change in content to make the game compatible with the new port so you can still play with friends using Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. Similarly, the Nintendo Switch port will have full-feature parity with other platforms versions.

With “smart optimisations” the collaborative development team have brought the game to “its smallest screen yet”. It’s an impressive feat to bring the full, intense gameplay of Apex Legends to a Switch format, particularly as the game will be suitable for playing on the more portable Nintendo Switch Lite too.

Apex Legends Logo on Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch will launch along with the latest ‘Mayhem’ season 8. This will be the 16th Legend Fuse for Apex Legends and will bring huge changes to the Kings Canyon map. You can find more of the teasers and details for the latest season update in the Apex Legends Season 8 trailer.

Key points to know about the Switch release of Apex Legends?

  • Cross-platform play will be supported
  • Full feature parity with other platforms
  • Download available from the Nintendo e-store from 9th March