Redfall Poster

RedFall – This Is The Vampire Game You’ve Been Waiting For

When Microsoft bought Bethesda earlier this year, one thing was on everyone’s mind: how many Xbox/PC exclusives?

Well, here’s one. And it’s a good one.

RedFall is the vampire game you didn’t even realise you have been waiting for. Slick graphics, for sure; amusing scripting and dialogue, definitely; a studio with credentials (Dishonored, anyone) who can make something well-worth playing, check.

And absolutely no noise about it ever reaching a Sony console ever. Ouch.

RedFall looks amazing. It makes Buffy the Vampire Slayer look like a school play by comparison, and features such brilliance as purple swirly telekinetics, a little yellow robot, smokey over-confident vampires, and guns-wot-shoot-stakes.

We love it.

Check out the reveal trailer from E3 below:

RedFall is coming Summer 2022 on Xbox and PC platforms only.