Battlefield 6 Game Scene 6981

Battlefield 6 Trailer Images Leaked

You know a game is hotly anticipated when short snippets of the upcoming trailer appearing behind a black bannered lol-guy watermark are enough to have people talking!

Recent posts to Reddit show an impressive amount of graphical realism, which has half the community excitedly looking forward to the game while the naysayers are in force, suggesting that these trailer snippets aren’t actually representative of the final realistic graphics on any user’s system.

This latter pessimism comes from some issues with Battlefield 5, where pre-game trailers and screenshots were somewhat superior to the final graphics when the game came out. However, it’s safe to assume that developers DICE learned from their mistake and aren’t going down the same route again.

We will have to wait for the official trailer release (and the final game release, too) before we can be sure. In the meantime, here’s an explosive snippet that’s been cleaned up by one fan, showing just how amazing this game might be…

(credit to Reddit user nmkd for the video cleaning)