Battlefield 2042 Poster 9006

Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer and More

Finally, the most anticipated trailer of the year is out. Battlefield 2042 (the official title to what we’ve been calling Battlefield 6) boasts some of the most impressive graphics of all time. So why waste time reading about it? If you haven’t watched it, do so now!

So what do we have here? Certainly, graphics to impress. There are some phenomenal lighting and particle effects. And a tornado that’s going to demand as fast a monitor or TV as you can afford. The attention to detail makes this look a close to real life as is possible. Check out the folds on the clothing, and the way materials move, or the smoke, fire, reflections… well, all of it really!

It’s also very tongue-in-cheek. With a nod to action movies everywhere, there’s a jeep crashing into a helicopter and then a pilot eject-and-takedown sequence that would make James Bond proud.

But of course; this is just a teaser cinematic. We have to wait four more days before the gameplay trailer on June 13th reveals exactly what it looks like to play.

The title tells us something exciting too, of course. Being called Battlefield 2042, it sandwiches the new game between the original Battlefield 1942 and the much loved Battlefield 2: 2142. Will this slightly futuristic setting help provide a unique world with innovative weaponry and environments while also fitting the flavour of the earlier Battlefield games? We can certainly hope so.

The most important info, though, is the 22nd October 2021 release date. It’s going to be a long four-and-a-half months of waiting—but at least it gives you time to save up for the hardware upgrades you will want to play this behemoth.