My Friend Peppa Pig Cover Art

My Friend Peppa Pig – Coming to Consoles Soon

While most games are developed for a more teen and adult market, every now and then, someone comes along with the clever idea of making something for younger gamers—and nothing is more neatly focussed than this.

There is a definite absence of decent games for children just starting to learn how to use a controller. While classics like Mario and Minecraft offer a gateway to the gaming experience, they can be frustrating for little ones who find the challenges difficult.

Available to Pre-order

My Friend Peppa Pig seeks to find a place in this niche market and, with all the weight of the hugely successful IP behind it, is very likely to succeed where many others have not.

Plus, there are plenty of teens who grew up on Peppa Pig secretly hoping their little brother or sister picks up this title, for the odd sneaky game…

My Friend Peppa Pig is being released in October 2021 on PS4, Xbox, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. We will be following its development closely till then. Check out the announcement trailer below.