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Sea of Thieves: A Pirate's Life Poster

Sea of Thieves Gets Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones in Major Update

Just when you thought Sea of Thieves wasn’t cool anymore (again), Captain Jack Sparrow comes along.

The Xbox showcase at E3 2021 brought plenty of exciting reveals, but this announcement will have stood out to every Sea of Thieves fan who hasn’t yet gotten tired of firing themselves and their friends out of ship cannons.

The worst pirate you ever heard of (but you did hear of him) is coming to the piratical online multiplayer, as announced by developers, Rare. For its next major game update, Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life will be a story-based campaign available to Sea of Thieves players. During the Xbox showcase we got the first glimpse of gameplay along with an introduction the characters that will be playable.

This new adventure campaign will make an excellent accompaniment to the main game content. A Pirate’s Life can be played solo or in a crew of your favourite first mates. Expect plenty of narrative and Disney-esque cut scenes, as the tale starts off with you breaking Captain Jack Sparrow out of gaol. This scene alone definitely harks back to the first Pirates of the Caribbean film which featured plenty of dank prison cells and naughty escapades.

The beginning of the campaign is centred of the highly coveted Pirate Treasure, a bounty unparalleled, and Jack Sparrow has of course stolen it. Along with Jack you’ll take on a brand-new quest to protect the waves from the water-logged, deep-sea legend that is Davy Jones.

Davy may be the biggest foe you’ll face, but there are also Sirens to face off against, as well as creepy Ocean Crawlers and Phantoms. It’s not certain but the trailer appears to show some combat with the Kraken itself. This adventure will fall across five update instalments in total. They’ll be called Tall Tales and will be free to all.

Rare added some extras too, with a new ship set and Jack Sparrow-inspired clothing coming with the new update.

Here’s the Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life E3 showcase that ran on June 20.

The executive producer, Joe Neate, said the Sunday showcase will be “a real deep dive into all the details behind this collaboration with Disney.” This will include a look at how Rare recreated Jack Sparrow in his Sea of Thieves styling and even more gameplay from the new Pirate’s Life Tall Tales.