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Rayman Legends comes to Xbox One & PS4

This morning, Ubisoft announced a little something about the hugely popular and very highly rated, Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends was a massively successful game in 2013, scoring a 91% Metacritic rating. Rayman Legends release date has been brought forward by 1 week and will now be available to Xbox One and PS4 gamers on February 21st 2014.

Rayman Legends Xbox One Globox Vaas  - Ultimate Gaming Paradise

Due to the new-gen consoles – don’t think we can really call them next gen any more can we? – having so much more muscle under the hood, Rayman Legends has undergone some rewriting to take advantage of the additional resources available  to it on Xbox One and PS4. The award winning graphics are getting a boost, just to make it that much more sensational and, with all the processing power and RAM, loading times between  maps have been squeezed. Players on both Xbox One and PS4 will get exclusive costumes for Rayman, Globox: Splinter Ray and Ray Vaas. Solely on Xbox One will be a costume for Globox Vaas and likewise for Assassin Ray on PlayStation 4. You’ll also be able to buy the Funky Ray costume with Uplay points.

There’s exclusive to the Xbox One and PS4 features, respectively. Xbox One will come with 10 exclusive challenges to unlock Xbox Live Achievements but be warned, these achievements won’t be hanging round forwever. They’re time limited so you’ll need to get your skates on if you want to get them. The PlayStation 4 gamers amongst you will be able to put your controller’s touch pad to use with the ability to do things such as scratch Lucky Tickets. Furthermore, you’ll be able to produce and share screenshots and videos with the community and, Rayman Legends let’s you carry on the fun via your PlayStation Vita when your PS4 is off and you’re out and about, that is kinda cool!

Rayman Legends Xbox One Rayman Vaas  - Ultimate Gaming Paradise

As you may know, Rayman Legends is the sequel to the tremendously popular Rayman Origins. In Rayman Legends’ predecessor, Rayman and Globox stir from a 100 year nap while in the meantime, nightmares have infested the Glade of Dreams. Once again, Rayman and Globox are tasked by The Supreme Being Bubble Dreamer, with ridding the Glade of Dreams of evil and restoring harmony. Rayman Legends features tonnes of gameplay options, including the traditional Rayman gameplay as well as musical and rhythm based levels.

The exceptionally awesome and talented group of artists, designers and composers  responsible for creating Rayman Legends has returned with the advanced UbiArt engine that enables multi-dimension gampeplay, improved lighting and updated game rendering. All in all, the graphics of Rayman Legends are being taken to the next level that should really compliment the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

For more information on Rayman Legends, pop on over to the official site – www.raymanlegends.com