Spider-Man Game Artwork

Still Waiting on Spider-Man – Marvel’s Avengers

Probably one of the most anticipated characters destined to come to Marvel’s Avengers is Spider-Man. Everyone’s favourite web-slinger has been confirmed as a PlayStation exclusive DLC (rights to Spider-Man belong to Sony, so that’s a no-brainer). However, developers Crystal Dynamics still hasn’t said when that would be.

At the tail end of last week, an announcement was made regarding the 2021 roadmap for the game. Despite other exciting and anticipated news—such as the War for Wakanda expansion that will bring Black Panther into the game—there was no mention of Peter Parker.

Undoubtedly this means that it will happen after Wakanda, meaning those hanging on for Spiderman will have to dangle just a little longer, until ‘Summer and beyond’ has happened.

Of course, one of the bright sides of this delay is that eager players may have a chance to actually get a PS5 before the DLC is available. Maybe.