Super Bomberman R Online Cover Art

Super Bomberman R Online Promises Free 64 Player Chaos on Consoles

There’s nothing quite like a bit of classic multiplayer competition. Bomberman has been around since its first incarnation in 1985 and has always offered a great slice of frenetic family and friends fun with its simple grid of bricks and bombs.

Super Bomberman R Online, the latest incarnation of this brilliant franchise, came out as a Google Stadia exclusive during September last year, and now it’s about to burst forth on consoles everywhere, with a ‘coming soon’ notice just announced.

What stands Super Bomberman R Online out from the crowd, though, is its insane 64 player battle royale mode—allowing you to pit your skills against sixty-three eager opponents, ready to prove that you are Bomber One!

Better than everything, though, Super Bomberman R Online will be free to play and have cross-platform support, meaning it’s literally available to all! We can’t wait.