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PS5 God of War Sequel Delayed as it Fights Horizon Forbidden West for Resources

In a recent interview for the Official PlayStation Podcast and PlayStation Blog, the head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, answered a few questions about the next year for the PlayStation’s major titles.

Clear that they have no intention to compromise on quality, Hulst explained that the biggest problem for them is getting performance capture and talent. With the pandemic a major factor, they have been doing what they can to get a good quality narrative for the games, including building ‘tiny recording studios’ in people’s homes. Even with all that, though, it’s clear that getting those performances recorded to provide the exceptional level of acting detail we are all now coming to expect from the new generation of games is very time-consuming.

For God of War fans, this means the next game has taken something of a hit as the studio concentrates on perfecting Horizon Forbidden West. Chances are we’re not seeing the next GoW game until 2022, then.

Keen to ensure that PS4 owners aren’t left out though, Hermen did confirm that both the next God of War and Horizon Forbidden West will be available on that platform as well as being developed to take full advantage of everything the PS5 has to offer. As he says: ‘You can’t build a community of over 110 million PS4 owners and then walk away from it, right?’

We completely agree!

Horizon Forbidden West is still on track for a release this year then—and hopefully, God of War will be on the horizon once we’ve squeezed every tiny drop of content from it!