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Story of a Game

Games have stories. This series tells some of those stories, from headline-making triple-A titles to some indie masterpieces.

Demon's Souls Scene 7465

Story of a Game: Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls went from being a total flop to one of the PS5's launch titles. Here's its story.

02 Jun, 2021



Burnout Paradise Artwork

Story of a Game: Burnout Paradise

In April's chapter of Story of Game, Burnout Paradise features. For years, Burnout Paradise entertained. Here's its story.

12 Apr, 2021



DOOM Cover Art

Story of a Game: DOOM

Everyone knows the game, but what's the story of DOOM? Crispin takes a look at where DOOM came from and the people behind it.

12 Mar, 2021