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History of Nintendo

Nintendo is the oldest company in the gaming industry. We take a look at its past and how Nintendo got to be the global gaming superpower that it is today.

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Nintendo Failures – When Hardware Goes Wrong

As we dig into the history of Nintendo, what innovations & products have come out of the company that can be considered failures?

14 Oct, 2022



Nintendo NES, SNES and Switch Consoles & Controllers

History of Nintendo: Part 3 – Consoles

Everyone knows at least one Nintendo console. The longest-running console manufacturer by a long way, we look back at the humble beginnings and take a journey through Nintendo's console history.

19 Aug, 2022



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History of Nintendo: Part 2 – Nintendo’s Biggest Game Franchises

In part 2 of the History of Nintendo, a quick look at which Nintendo franchises have soured to become multi-generation sensations.

15 Oct, 2021



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History of Nintendo: Part 1 – Nintendo’s Yakuza Beginnings

Everyone knows Nintendo, right? But their beginnings may not quite be what you expect.

01 Oct, 2021