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The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 14 – I Don’t Want to be a Wizard

High fantasy was all the rage in the 1970s and 80s. It was a glorious period for fans of swords and sorcery. But, was there anything out there for players who didn’t want to be a wizard?

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Video Game AI

History of the Game Engine: Part 4 – RPGs Step Up to the Plate

In part 4 of our History of the Game Engine series, David looks at Role-Playing Games and the impact of AI.

04 Apr, 2021



Original 1986 Legend of Zelda Cover Art Logo

The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 4 – Here Comes the JRPG

Enter Japan—or, more aptly, the Japanese RPG. Now synonymous with the role-playing game genre, Part 4 of the series explores the birth of the JRPG.

26 Mar, 2021



Sinclair ZX81 Computer

History of the Game Engine: Part 3 – The Rise of 3D Graphics

Today, we take 3D graphics for granted. They're everywhere. But how did they come to be? Part 3 of our History of the Game Engine series looks at the early days of 3D graphics.

19 Mar, 2021



DOOM Cover Art

Story of a Game: DOOM

Everyone knows the game, but what's the story of DOOM? Crispin takes a look at where DOOM came from and the people behind it.

12 Mar, 2021



Why did Nintendo Ignore Zelda’s 35th Anniversary?

Nintendo games are celebrating big anniversaries this year. Except for one. The Legend of Zelda turns 35 and Nintendo is seemingly ignoring it.

06 Mar, 2021



Oculus Headset

What’s the State of VR in Gaming?

Despite some very cool tech, gaming & VR haven't ever seemed to really bond. So, what is the state of VR as a gaming platform? We take a look.

02 Mar, 2021



Gaming Boom Artwork

COVID Effect – Will The Gaming Industry Boom Last?

The gaming industry has seen a boom as we all stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But will it last?

26 Feb, 2021



The Edge of the Realm ASCII Game

The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 3 – Going Rogue

RPGs are visually stunning but what about in the 1980s? Part 3 in the series looks at the dawn of graphics in role-playing games.

26 Feb, 2021



Xbox Series X and PS5 side-by-side

Are the PS5 and Xbox Series X the End of Gaming Consoles?

Is there a future for consoles beyond the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5? Have we reached the pinnacle of console hardware?

20 Feb, 2021