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The History of the Game Engine: Part 10 – Developing Toolkits

Computers speak binary, people don't. So how do we programme them? Enter development toolkits—tools that accelerate development and translate for the developer.

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History of the Game Engine: Part 1

David examines the history of the game engine. Where the need for the game engine originated in the 1980s, and how it evolved over the decades.

14 Jan, 2021



Anime Gamer Girl playing

Is the Gamer Girl Stigma Still Relevant?

Gemma takes a look at whether it's getting any easier being a woman in a still predominantly male occupied pastime.

25 Dec, 2020



Nintendo Switch with Mario character figurines

The Importance of Backwards Compatibility

Who's done it well and why is it so important? Is it even necessary? Here, we explore backwards compatibility in consoles.

25 Dec, 2020



Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 on Lounge Table

Cross-gen – Crossing Console Hardware Generations

With Cyberpunk 2077's recent issues, we take a look at previous cross-gen success and failures.

18 Dec, 2020



Growing Up on RPGs – Part 1

Part 1 of UGP's Growing Up On RPGs series—Dungeons & Dragons and where it all began.

15 Dec, 2020