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Unreal Engine Paragon Assets Latest Article

The History of the Game Engine: Part 13 – Assets

Without assets, games would be...well...empty. They're the fabric of every game so in part 13, that's what we look at. What are they & how are they made?

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Gaming Features

The Great Chip Shortage of 2020 – 2021

The great chip shortage of 2020 continues into 2021, with no sign of things abating. But, why? How? What's caused it?

29 Oct, 2021



Silicon Wafer Fabrication

How Are Computer Chips Made? From Sand to Silicon…

Just what goes into making the chips inside our consoles & gaming computers? Here's a brief guide on the process & what's involved.

29 Oct, 2021



Diablo II Resurrected Poster

Growing Up on RPGs: Part 10 – Fighting Demons from the Top Down in Diablo

Released in 1997, Diablo was a game that completely revitalised and re-invented the entire Roguelike experience for millions.

22 Oct, 2021



Plants vs Zombies Poster

Story of a Game: Plants vs. Zombies

George Fan was keen for his games to be original and quirky and aliens weren’t doing the right thing for him. What could he have instead? Plants vs. zombies, of course!

15 Oct, 2021



Pokémon Shining Pearl Game Screenshot 4

History of Nintendo: Part 2 – Nintendo’s Biggest Game Franchises

In part 2 of the History of Nintendo, a quick look at which Nintendo franchises have soured to become multi-generation sensations.

15 Oct, 2021



Early eFootball 2022 Gameplay Screenshot

Is eFootball 2022 a Disaster or a Breakthrough?

eFootball 2022 is touted to be a contender to rival FIFA22 with its free-to-play and continuous development model but the initial launch has gone anything but smoothly.

12 Oct, 2021



1967 Nintendo Logo

History of Nintendo: Part 1 – Nintendo’s Yakuza Beginnings

Everyone knows Nintendo, right? But their beginnings may not quite be what you expect.

01 Oct, 2021



2021 Atari VCS Console & Home Screen

The Atari VCS – Part Three

In the final part of the mini-series, let's take a closer look at the next chapter of Atari and the new, 2021 Atari VCS hardware announced earlier in the year.

01 Oct, 2021



Tekken 7 Poster

The History of the Game Engine: Part 9 – Fight!

Unlike other game genres, it was the arcade that really defined the fighting game. In Part 9, we look at this genre's game engines development.

24 Sep, 2021