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The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 14 – I Don’t Want to be a Wizard

High fantasy was all the rage in the 1970s and 80s. It was a glorious period for fans of swords and sorcery. But, was there anything out there for players who didn’t want to be a wizard?

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The Legend of Zelda: Best & Worst of the Series

Zelda's been a Nintendo staple for over 30 years. Here, we take a look at some of the best & worst games from 1986 to 2017.

18 Aug, 2022



Collage of Game Engine Logos

The History of the Game Engine: Part 12 – That First Game

When considering game engines, one question that rises quickly to the top is “can I use a game engine to make my own game?” In this chapter, we answer that question.

22 Jul, 2022



Cyberpunk 2077

Story of a Game: Cyberpunk 2077

During the COVID years, one game saw more news column inches than any other. What happened to make and break Cyberpunk 2077?

14 Jul, 2022



Ultima Online Poster

The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 11 – Living in a Multiplayer World

Part 11 explores the early days of MMORPGs with Ultima Online forging the way.

28 Jun, 2022



Unreal Engine Poster

The History of the Game Engine: Part 11 – Unreal Engine Builds Bridges

Part 11's all about Unreal Engine and how it's grown to be one of the most popular game engines. From the early days to now, learn more about the engine's evolution.

20 Jun, 2022



Unity Engine Screenshot

The History of the Game Engine: Part 10 – Developing Toolkits

Computers speak binary, people don't. So how do we programme them? Enter development toolkits—tools that accelerate development and translate for the developer.

29 Oct, 2021



The Great Chip Shortage of 2020 – 2021

The great chip shortage of 2020 continues into 2021, with no sign of things abating. But, why? How? What's caused it?

29 Oct, 2021



Silicon Wafer Fabrication

How Are Computer Chips Made? From Sand to Silicon…

Just what goes into making the chips inside our consoles & gaming computers? Here's a brief guide on the process & what's involved.

29 Oct, 2021



Diablo II Resurrected Poster

The Complete History of Role-Playing Games (RPGs): Part 10 – Fighting Demons from the Top Down in Diablo

Released in 1997, Diablo was a game that completely revitalised and re-invented the entire Roguelike experience for millions.

22 Oct, 2021