Who We Are

Ultimate Gaming Paradise is a new company founded in the Autumn of 2013 and we’re building, what we hope to be, THE ultimate paradise for gamers. You’ll be able to get whatever fix you need when it comes to gaming. We want to deliver:

  • The latest gaming news & uncovering stories you need to know about.
  • Reviews of new games, hardware & accessories. Brought to you via the UGP Ozone Review System in our own personal manner with that touch of humour to make you smile.
  • Analysis on games, elements of gaming and the industry so we can all understand where gaming is going.
  • A look back at where gaming has come from with our retro gaming section.
  • Video media from preview trailers to gameplay to tips & tricks to reviews, all on  the UGP Gaming YouTube channel.
  • Online store delivering  the broadest range of products ranging from games, to consoles, to accessories, to PC hardware & systems. All at competitive prices.

Work is ongoing on much of the site and the team is feverishly designing and developing the new sections of Ultimate Gaming Paradise that we’re sure you’re going to love. Building a website of this scale is a challenge at best. The last thing we want is for Ultimate Gaming Paradise to be confusing to navigate and what we write for you to read, to be lost in the depths of a poorly designed website!

The team that brings you the content we hope you enjoy, are all life long gamers and are still on the roller coaster of  technological advancements with new generations of consoles and games just being released. Many of us hark back to the days of the Intel 486 processor and 1 gigabyte hard drives or the hype of the Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo SNES).


At Ultimate Gaming Paradise, we have a simple motto. To deliver unbiased content in our own unique way with a bucket load of honesty and a sprinkling of humour. We don’t want to be just another website that copies and pastes a press release or tells you what you already know about a game in a review. We want to portray how something makes us feel. It could be a game we’re playing that keeps us on the edge of seats with an incredible story or blows us away with graphics and gameplay. Perhaps a piece of news about something so awesome or disastrous we can’t wait to tell you every single little detail about it. Wh+atever it may be, we want you to enjoy reading about it and be informed without being bored half to death in the process!

What we dream of creating is a site that you’ll hear about a game being announced and then will follow the game as it develops, till we review it and then, if you want to buy it…it’s nice and convenient for you to pre-order or buy at the right price. There’s going to be lots of reasons to come to UGP to keep track of things, features in development are “Story Follow”, “Birthday Presents” and “UGP Points”.

Click on the “Follow Story” button and every time we publish something to  do with that story, you’ll be notified. When it’s your birthday, how about a present? You’ll receive a voucher to redeem in the store, just because it’s your birthday and who doesn’t love birthday presents. Pretty cool right? How about more vouchers when you’ve accrued a number of points when you buy stuff from UGP? Get enough, get a game. And no, it won’t take 10 years to save up £50 worth of points!

That’s just 3 of the dozens of ideas we’ve got to make UGP the BEST gaming site on the planet! We hope that, combined with our articles being informative but light and funny and offering you a tonne of features you can’t get anywhere else…you won’t want to go anywhere else.


In the Pipeline

As it stands, Ultimate Gaming Paradise is a long way from looking like it does in our vision. We’d like to take this opportunity to let you guys know what we’re working on, if you have any suggestions for added features or comments on what you’ve seen around the site, or in the list, please do get in touch with us via the contact form below.

Current & ongoing site work 

  • Continued optimisation to the site in general. We want UGP to load quickly, reliably and be a breeze for you to get around and get what you want in front of you.
  • Mobile version is a big big point on our list and is a big undertaking. We know a lot of you like to browse UGP on your phone or tablet and while it looks great on most devices, there’s work to be done specifically for mobile phone.
  • “Meet the Team” pages. We reckon that you’d like to see who it is that writes your favourite articles so we’re putting together bios for each and every member of the team that’s responsible for UGP.

Launching Q1 2014

  • Analysis section to UGP that’s going  to be home to our articles that take a look at something specific in the game world and really tear it apart hoping that we can understand what this may mean for the future. It may just be something that’s worth having a chat about and we’d love you to join the discussion via our comments system  at the bottom of articles.
  • Retro gaming is  something that only certain people can do. Harking back to when we were first discovering what games and computers were in  the late 80s and early 90s, some of you are just too young to have any idea what we went through and how awesome some of the games were. Our retro section will be reviewing old title and hardware like the SNES or Atari and discussing how gaming has changed. Will the Xbox One or PS4 be called retro  in 20 years time? Who knows.
  • UGP Gaming YouTube channel. We would like to share our antics with you. We think we’re funny but the test will be if you find us funny! On top of that, more typical content that will include game trailers and general video media. At the same time, we’ll be developing our video section  on the site so that you don’t actually need to go to YouTube to watch our videos, they’ll all be here in our specifically designed video library.
  • UGP Store – Initially covering PC games, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 games, consoles & accessories, we have a lot of seriously cool features to come with the store. Want to read a news article relating to the game you’re looking at, the link will be there. Thinking of buying a game but the trailers aren’t quite enough to convince you? Read our review that’ll be right there alongside the product info. And, why not see if our review matches up with other users opinions of the game? It’ll all be there for you to compare. In addition, we want to say thank you for choosing our store when buying, and we’ll be rewarding you with UGP points that you can use in future purchases.


  • Who likes getting presents on their birthday? How about a birthday present from Ultimate Gaming Paradise? Like the sound of that? So do we. For all existing customers, we will be sending out a voucher on your birthday for you to use in the store.
  • Do you hate having to try and remember every game you’ve read about and what to keep track of? How about we take the hassle out of it? Just hit “Follow story” and whenever we post something about that game or piece of hardware, we’ll email you to let you know there’s a development. Now you can follow everything you want to without the need to try and remember it all.
  • PC hardware is something that many gamers use. It’s not all consoles and being able  to upgrade to the latest hardware is vital. UGP store will start to stock all the latest and greatest PC hardware sometime in 2014 so you can build your dream machine.
  • In line with the store stocking PC hardware, we’ll start reviewing it so you know what’s best to buy. We’ll take the uncertainty out of shopping for hardware by delivering comprehensive reviews.


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